Summary File 3 1990
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1990 Census of Population and Housing
Technical Documentation

Note:  Individual Chapters have been extracted from the
U.S. Census Bureau's 1990 Site [see Technical Documentation], a single 464-page pdf file.





1. Abstract 1-1
2. How to Use File 2-1
3. Subject Locator 3-1
4. List of Tables (Matrices) 4-1
5. Table (Matrix) Outlines 5-1
6. Summary Level Sequence Charts 6-1
7. User Notes 7-1
Data Dictionary



A. Area Classifications A-1
B. Definitions of Subject Characteristics B-1
C. Accuracy of the Data C-1
D. Collection and Processing Procedures D-1
E. Facsililes of Respondent Instructions and Questionnaire Pages [Not Available] E-1
F. Data Products and User Assistance F-1
G. Maps G-1
H. Code List H-1
I. CD-ROM Technical Information I-1