Missouri Census Data Center

Circular Area Profiles (CAPS) - ACS Version

Version caps16acs (July, 2018) Using 2012-2016 ACS data

Uses a block-based apportioning algorithm (BBIA) to apportion tract/bg data

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Enter coordinates for the site in decimal degrees: Use (click on) to get Lat/Long coordinates.
Latitude:   (or, enter 5-digit ZIP/ZCTA code)
Longitude (west assumed):   (dd.mm.ss format may be used for minutes & seconds)
(Optional) Enter a name for your Site:
Enter up to 5 radius values, separated by blanks, in ascending order:
NOTE: data for small radii (< 3 miles, for example), especially in sparsely-populated rural areas, are subject to substantial sampling error.
(Optional) Select one or more states and the program will limit its data search to just those states.
Select the demographic profiles of interest: Demographic     Economic     Social     Housing    
Select the geographic units to be aggregated:
  Note: Block groups provide better geographic detail for small radii but about a fourth of the data is not available at the BG level. We recommend using tracts for radii over 5 miles.
Uncheck to suppress auxiliary report showing county pops within circle(s)
Check to see detailed geographic units within circle(s) report.
Check to generate txt file with geocodes for tracts/bgs used in the aggregations.

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